I hope you will find it useful and informative. It contains financial templates and links to assist you in your business and personal affairs. Other sections provide timely federal and state tax updates, access to helpful tax forms and literature, and an introduction to services I provide.

I have helped my clients achieve their financial and personal goals for over thirty years. I do not sell product nor accept commissions. My fee allows me to focus on my client without hidden agendas. An introduction to my philosophy and experience is contained in Firm Profile. The various services I provide are summarized in Client Services.

Do you need a tax form? What is the IRS guidance on selling your residence? Info Center contains links to the IRS website which allows you to retrieve forms and IRS publications. The publications are a great way to answer general tax questions you may have.

The Newsletter section provides current tax information and articles of interest which address client concerns.

Should you refinance? Which retirement plan options do you have? Lease or buy? How do you compute working capital? Mortgages, personal finance, tax calculators… Financial Tools contains over 90 financial templates which allow you to answer these questions.

Links include useful and informative web sites. If you have to drive the freeways, you will find the Traffic Update link helpful in avoiding traffic delays.

Feel free to contact me with your comments or links you would like added.

If you are interested in why there are pictures of Cossacks on my entry page, please access the Cossack Info button.

Thank you for visiting.

Alex Schurawel


Cossack Info

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